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Outage Updates

As of 6:00 am this morning, crews are back out working to restore power service to members impacted by the area’s first seasonal storm. Crews are responding to widespread outages both east and west as there are a significant number of trees down on lines. This will take time to restore and..
As of 11:15 am BARC has 1,128 members without power. BARC crews will continue to work on power restoration throughout the day. We have four additional crews arriving this evening to assist from Southside Electric Cooperative out of Crewe, VA and Wake Electric out of Forest, North Carolina. ..
16-Nov-2018 Outage Update 5:00pm
As of 5:00pm BARC has 426 members without power. Outages in our service area remain throughout Bath and Rockbridge counties. Crews from Southside Electric Cooperative and Wake Electric arrived this afternoon to assist BARC crews with restoration efforts. You can view online where outages are occ..
Update as of 10:00 pm BARC is aware that outages remain in our service area. At this time, conditions are becoming too dangerous for crews to work safely. If you are currently experiencing a power outage, it is likely it will not be restored until Friday, November 16th. As a reminder, ..
BARC Electric outage update As of 9:10 pm BARC has approximately 919 members without power. We are responding / working to respond to outages in the following areas: Jacktown Road (Rockbridge County) Fairfield (Rockbridge County) Pisgah (Rockbridge County) Routier Hill (Bath ..
BARC Electric outage update As of 2:35 pm BARC has approximately 600 members without power. We are are responding to outages in the following areas: South Buffalo (Rockbridge County) Sugar Creek (Rockbridge County) Alone Mill (Rockbridge County) Perry Hollow (Bath County..
As of 1245 pm: BARC crews are responding to several outages in our service territory in Bath and Rockbridge Counties. Crews are currently responding in the following locations: Bath County: Perry Hollow; Mountain Creek Road; Airport Mountain; Carloover Rockbridge County: South Bu..